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Building Community

We produced Point Bonita Lighthouse, which drew on the talents and knowledge of the many individuals and groups connected with this historic landmark. Read our paper presented to the National Association of Interpretation entitled Building Community, and also, some tips for making a documentary video.

Filmmaking for the Blind

Yes this might be hard to believe, but Chrysalis Films has completed four projects with visually impaired children. View video clips on home page under School for the Blind and Working with Kids, and download a story about our process: Filmmaking for the Blind.

Visual Storytelling

Chrysalis Films has an ongoing interest in empowering people to make their own films. Participants learn the technology of video production as well as have the experience of acting and creating their own narratives. Read about the classes we offer, and view clips on home page under Work with Kids.

Shooting in Extreme Conditions

This article tells about National Geographic filmmaker, Sam Burbank, and his work filming research for future Mars expeditions on Devon Island above the Arctic Circle. Extreme Conditions written by Chip Curry for DV Magazine.