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Just Finished! Croatian Stories

We have just completed a 45 minute documentary about the journey and life of Croatian immigrants. It shows the music, dance, cuisine, wisdom, and accomplishments that characterize generations of Croatians now living in Northern California. This project was funded, in part, by a grant from the California Council for the Humanities as part of the California Stories Initiative.

We take pride in producing tight and innovative commercial, narrative, and documentary video programs. We offer a range of production services from quick and simple, to in-depth project development. Our clients include AT&T, National Park Service, California School for the Blind, Abbott Laboratories, the Croatian American Cultural Center, BioImagene, Tympany Center and many others.

We are now acquiring footage in high definition with widescreen Sony XDCAM cameras. We direct, edit, author and deliver in any desired format: videotape, Blue-ray, DVD, web post, and can modify or build websites to display video.




Whether it is a feature length production, or a one minute clip, good corporate video must deliver a message in a visually interesting manner with a clear message to produce an engaging viewer experience.

We produce entire projects, or can offer support in scripting, technical production, or consultation on any phase of program creation.

Independent films and short segments can start with us. We are well connected with Bay Area video professionals, actors and writers. Call us for full crew or technical assistance. We have great ideas too!